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Human factors engineering/Industrial design is an integral part of informed design. 
We put the user at the center of every client problem we solve and engage HFE/ID experts to help ensure your products are usable, safe and effective by design.
Aproio HFE/ID Hazard Analysis

The HFE/ID Process








Goals of HFE/ID

  • Safety: Avoidance of user errors through structured HFE 

  • Efficacy: Resulting from safe use of the system(s)

  • Usability: Resulting from applied industrial design (a branding discipline)

  • Standardized: ISO/IEC 62366:2007 (for medical devices)

HFE/ID Hazard Analysis








  1. HFE starts with a concept and proposed user workflow.

  2. Hazardous situations are identified & applied to design.

  3. User studies are performed to study and refine the design (formative studies).

  4. Findings from formative studies are fed back to refine designs for risk reductions through risk management processes.

  5. Summative studies are performed to validate that user requirement are appropriate for safe use of the systems.

Aproio HFE/ID Process
Human Factors Engineering/Industrial Design
Aproio: we analyze, design, build & test medtech and other highly regulated products
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