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We help clients realize reliable analog, digital, power and RF electronic products for a wide range of applications: instrumentation; computing; signal processing; communication; transportation; entertainment; control systems and more.

Our Areas of Expertise

Electrical Engineering

Capability Highlights

  • Hardware architecture

  • Low-noise analog signal acquisition

  • Digital signal processing

  • Wireless communications

  • Computer peripherals

  • Displays and graphics

  • Image processing

  • Power supplies from single cell to multi-kilovolt and multi-kilowatt

  • Motor drives from timekeeping to electric vehicle traction drives

  • Motion control

  • Digital design: microcontrollers to high-speed FPGAs & ASICs

  • Embedded systems

  • Portable and wearable electronics

  • Ultra-low power systems

  • EMC and safety agency compliance

  • Sensors, transducers and actuators




Aproio: we analyze, design, build & test medtech and other highly regulated products
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