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We help you move your designs from "can work" to "will work". That's reliability realized.


We do this by: 

  • Reducing the complexity of the design problems, starting by breaking system-level problems into manageable pieces.

  • Developing system-aware models -- a series of interface-aware, system building-blocks. By doing this we can achieve system-level performance that is built on robust sub-systems.

  • Developing test fixtures and methods, informing the system-aware models of test parameters (wear, friction, etc.) and adding awareness of limit conditions (“cliffs”).

  • Equipping all engineers to do data-driven design.

  • Focusing on sub-system performance first by: defining requirements for the design elements; analyzing and testing design elements to make them reliable; and -- finally -- integrating reliable elements into a reliable system.

Our Workflow:

Aproio: we analyze, design, build and test medtech and other highly regulated products
Aproio Informed Design Workflow
Informed Design Workflow
Aproio: Reliability | Realized

reliability | realized

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